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I was referred to Atty. Kerendian several years ago, when I had no knowledge of real estate matters.  With his expertise and guidance, I felt I was not alone.   I worked with him on two separate occasions and was completely satisfied with the outcome.  I would recommend him to anyone who has a real estate situation.  He is truly my go-to attorney, and I will definitely use him again in the future.

Name:Kim H.

I have worked with Joseph Kerendian for years.  He has bailed me out of some tight spots.  He is always there when I have a question and he always has a solution.  In court, he is one to not let me sell myself to the other side just to end the case.  He uses his experience, expertise, and knowledge to make very wise decisions for me.  To be honest I am a wreck it court no matter how prepared I am and Joseph is a pleasure to be with and very protective.  He takes time to thoroughly read documents and understand them so he can either correct them or advise me how to take action.  Thank you team Kerendian for being there for me!

Name:Ann K.

I just want to give a shout-out to Joseph and Ramesh for their kind service and professionalism, without losing the “human element” of their job! I’ve used Joseph’s services for two different cases that I’ve been faced to endure, and both times I experienced nothing but the most positive results! The price was very reasonable for all services provided and communication was timely and prompt! Please consider this Office for your needs, you won’t be disappointed! I will definitely not only recommend his service but will use it in the future if needed!

Name:Raven S.