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We are a client-driven law practice, focused on practical answers & tangible results for businesses & individuals in the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

Representing Clients in Los Angeles and Southern California for over 24 years

At the Law Office of R. Joseph Kerendian, our business is centered on exceptional client service. We use our experience and expertise to deliver a successful outcome for you, whether it be through a negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or trial. We pride ourselves on providing professional excellence along with proven results while keeping you posted on the progress of your case and your options at every step.

We successfully represent individuals, entrepreneurs, independent contractors, small-business owners and established corporations throughout southern California and the Los Angeles metropolitan area to achieve the best results.

We handle a wide range of legal matters including:

  • Real Estate
  • Landlord/Tenant Disputes
  • Business Law
  • Business Formation
  • Personal injury, including car accidents, slip and falls, and dog bites
  • General civil litigation
  • Wills and trusts
  • Estate Planning

Real Estate

From negotiating commercial leases to representing clients in home foreclosures throughout California, we provide effective solutions and practical advice backed by experience. In addition to practicing law, Mr. Kerendian is also a Real Estate Broker and has represented a wide range of clientele from first time buyers and sellers to executives and has extensive experience in real estate transactions, sales, and lease agreements in residential and commercial real estate projects for start-ups, emerging enterprises, and established companies.

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Commercial Real Estate Attorney Serving West L.A. and Surrounding Areas

Real estate transactions are major projects for residential or commercial buyers and sellers, as well as for corporate clients. Prior to becoming an attorney, Mr. Kerendian was involved in real estate development and management, working on transactions between commercial tenants and large corporations. Having a knowledgeable partner at your side to provide a full review and evaluation can help you accomplish your goals and minimize your exposure to future problems and litigation.

Protecting People and Businesses in Los Angeles Real Estate Law

At the Law Offices of R. Joseph Kerendian, we handle all varieties of residential and commercial transactions and litigation, representing clients in a wide range of cases that include:

  • Landlord/tenant disputes
  • Purchase and sale agreements
  • Documentation preparation and review
  • Business formation
  • Escrow/closings
  • Title review
  • Loan documentation
  • Loan review and acquisition
  • Loan modifications and home foreclosure

Assisting Real Estate Clients throughout California

If you are buying or selling real estate in the Los Angeles area, it is critical to have a lawyer draft or review your documents before signing. We have experience handling escrow documents as well as purchase agreements throughout California.

Coming to a knowledgeable real estate attorney early on in the process can prevent future problems from occurring. We will provide you with title review, loan review and also review your financing documents in order to make sure your rights are protected.

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More Than a Decade of Experience in Landlord/Tenant Disputes

In more than 24 years of practice helping both landlords and tenants resolve property disputes, attorney R. Joseph Kerendian has handled thousands of these cases. On average, we provide dependable guidance and experienced representation to more than a dozen Los Angeles area clients per month in landlord/tenant disputes.

We provide this level of consistent support because of our extensive experience helping individuals and businesses resolve disputes while protecting their personal, business or organizational interests.

Representing Los Angeles Area Clients — From Individuals to Corporations

We are an experienced law firm with a proven commitment to both real estate and business law. Having extensively represented both landlords and tenants, our firm is equipped to fully evaluate a claim and provide clear guidance based on years of experience.

We have represented residential, commercial, and corporate clients facing eviction, commercial clients involved in contract disputes, and landlords in and out of the courtroom. We handle cases involving:

  • Evictions
  • Lease agreements
  • Document preparation and review
  • Unlawful detainer or eviction actions
  • Rent control issues

We make tenants aware of their rights and help them access the wide protections made available by the City of Los Angeles and the State of California. We also help landlords find legal solutions that achieve their objectives.

Work with an Experienced Lawyer

If you or your business is involved in a landlord/tenant dispute, it is important to understand your rights and your legal options for reaching the desired outcome.

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Business Law

At the Law Office of R. Joseph Kerendian, our founding attorney comes from a professional business background and brings extensive knowledge to the practice of business law. Whether you are an independent contractor or you are responsible for a small to Mid-market Corporation, we can offer an approach designed to meet your organization's needs.

If you are looking for a lawyer who can properly structure transactions and handle complex business litigation in California, contact the Law Offices of R. Joseph Kerendian.

We bring a high level of knowledge and experience to local businesses and professionals in need of guidance in a wide range of situations, including:

  • Real estate transactions and disputes: Whether you need guidance with a residential or commercial real estate transaction, we will be by your side.
  • Business transactions: We assist businesses with formation, purchases and sales, as well as contract drafting.
  • Business litigation: If you are involved in a partnership dispute, breach of business contracts or you are in need of assistance with collections, you can count on our law firm for professional advocacy.

Contact Us for Knowledgeable Business Representation

The Los Angeles Law Office of R. Joseph Kerendian practices law in all areas of business, serving entrepreneurs, independent professionals, established business owners and executives. Our office is focused on helping you handle your legal needs, from transactional work to litigation, with an emphasis on providing effective solutions.

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Business Formation

Choosing the right type of business entity for you is critical to the future success of your company. The type of entity you choose will affect your personal liability and how your business is taxed for years to come. If you need guidance on how to properly form your company, contact the Law Offices of R. Joseph Kerendian. We have the practical business knowledge required to form your company correctly and guide it through the future.

Experienced Assistance with Business Formation in California

Our business formation attorney can help you with all aspects of business formation and in all types of business entities, including:

  • Partnerships
  • LLCs
  • Corporations (C corp, S corp and professional corps)
  • Sole Proprietorships
  • Contracts
  • Operating Agreements
  • Shareholder Agreements

LLC Share Transfer Lawyer — Los Angeles Legal Guidance

If you already own a company and need guidance on how to properly transfer shares among members or other partners, we can help. We have experience drafting share transfer agreements for those who wish to sell their interests or buy the interests of others.

West Los Angeles Business Contract Attorney

R. Joseph Kerendian has an extensive business and real estate background, giving him an in-depth understanding of and how they will affect your company. If you need your contracts reviewed or are in need of new contracts for your business, contact our Los Angeles law firm online.

We help small-to medium-sized business with all of their contract review and drafting needs. No matter what agreement you need assistance with, we can help. Our small business contract lawyer has extensive experience drafting all types of agreements, including:

  • Buy/sell agreements
  • Share transfer agreements
  • Independent contract agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Partnership and shareholder agreements
  • Non-compete agreements

R. Joseph Kerendian


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The Los Angeles Law Offices of R. Joseph Kerendian practices law in all areas of business. We serve entrepreneurs, independent professionals, established business owners and executives. To arrange a consultation, call 310-696-0333 or contact our California real estate law firm online.

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